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Page from Blackberry Jam published 1989


This is a cleaned up double page spread from Blackberry Jam, a poetry pamphlet I self-published in 1989 when I was on a Government Enterprise Allowance Scheme. I had graduated from Birmingham Polytechnic the year before with a 2.1 in Graphic Design, and as my dream and ambition was to be an artist and a writer I applied to go on the scheme to buy me a year to fund myself as a self-employed artist.

I had the poems typeset at Prontaprint in Birmingham, where I also had my collages photocopied. I then pasted up my pages the old fashioned way and photocopied the pages which I stapled into little books. I gave the pamphlets blue paper covers and packaged them in cellophane sleeves. I think I sold them for about £1 each. I put some in the Ikon Gallery, then in John Bright Street, Birmingham. I was amazed when some actually sold.

I still like the illustrations and the poems, which I remember putting together as if it were yesterday.




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